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SchoolBellQ*™ makes Parents SMART and Children SMARTER through an App & Web based, SMART*™ communications platform. The SchoolBellQ*™ connects Parents & Students to the school through its proprietary software using an optimal mix of voice, SMS & data notifications that fosters highest level of collaboration between Parents and Teachers. This partnership between parents & school yields the best possible outcome for the students helping them realize their full potential. A true Potential -that’s just not limited to academics but extends in the other realms of life like sports, extracurricular activity etc - leading to an all-round personality development & fulfilling careers. Happiness, they say, is only incidental to the students who are enjoying a fulfilling & a rewarding school life.

SchoolBellQ*™ ensures that parents remain meaningfully immersed in their child’s school life by bringing in regular, real-time, relevant, personalized updates and information from the school right into the palm of their hands. From the daily homework exercise to the holiday list; Be it participating in Extracurricular activity or nominating self in the favorite sports; Be it smart graphics representing exam scores across the timeline or an incisive analysis into child’s overall personality development, SchoolBellQ*™ brings incredibly useful insights to help child’s holistic development.

From the information on the broader aspect like daily class schedule to the tiny, yet, critical details like topics slated to be covered in the each forthcoming class; SchoolBellQ* is designed to deliver all the crucial information like this, helping students prepare for the upcoming classes;

SchoolBellQ*™ enables cataloguing of all the study material shared by school in all formats in a single tab. Students can access and download this anytime from a neatly arranged chapter wise tab through the website or the App.

From the exam schedule to the test scores contrasted in comparison with median class performance to help you get a true benchmark for your child’s performance;

From the daily bus arrival inputs to the instant automated attendance notification at the school entrance; SchoolBellQ*™ brings you upto speed in real-time everyday. Be it an emergency message from the school Principal or the regular grooming report of your child. We cover it all with the same passion. Be it the convenience of paying school fees from the comfort of your home through your favorite reward-points-earning credit card or that new debit card that promises cash-back on every transaction, SchoolBellQ*™ lets you benefit from all such promotions, by opening up your access to all modes of online payment.

Whether its lavishing compliment on to some school facility or a plain feedback aimed at bettering the school services; getting yourself heard through participation in online & in-app surveys has never been easier. You can do all this and much more just at the tap of your finger on your mobile. These abundant advantages notwithstanding, SchoolBellQ*™ opens up endless possibilities of collaboration between school and parents to help secure a happy future for your child by laying a strong foundation in the crucial formative years of schooling.

Smart Parents

Smart Action

  • Pay school Fees from the convenience of your home through Credit/debit card.
  • Nominate your child for Extra Curricular activity through app.
  • Get yourself heard; Participate in school Surveys from app/website.
  • Choose your bus-boarding location.
  • Choose the proximity distance points for Bus alerts.

Smart Analysis

  • Performance trend across exams (Graphical display across timeline).
  • Performance comparison with Peers – Median, average, percentile (cross section).
  • Performance Correlation with attendance, homework & Teacher.
  • All-Round development Report of children- Extracurricular & Sports activity participation.

Smart Academics

  • Syllabus Planning with Exam weight distribution
  • Homework allocation & planning completion.
  • Tracking homework with customized teacher feedback & Updates.
  • All Study Material organized in a downloadable format – virtual digital library

Smart Information

  • Smart Timetable* - advanced info on upcoming chapters in each class.
  • Smart Notifications across mail, app, voice and text for all.
  • Least Lead-time with Instantaneous access to Exam schedule.
  • Marksheet in smart graphics.

Smart Logistics

  • Get Bus arrival Notifications real-time.
  • Get class attendance Notifications on real-time
  • Get Entrance & Exit notifications real-time.
  • Emergency notifications on call & text.

Smart Communications

  • Notifications on Real-time.
  • Notifications across activity from academics to sports.
  • Notifications of Grooming Report.
  • Attendance & Homework submission report - monthly.

For Smart Schools

Collaboration among stakeholders (Parents & School)

SchoolBellQ*™ brings mindfulness, intelligence & swiftness into disparate daily activities carried out by schools & enables collaboration with Parents.

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Actionable INSIGHTS from INCISIVE analysis

SchoolBellQ*™ Brings many useful actionable insights and incisive analysis to school Management helping it deliver best educational services & get their edge past the competition.

Academic Excellence & All-Round Development

As a result Schools become smarter, efficient in their operations & consequently more effective in its pursuit of academic excellence & all-round student development.

  • Automatic efficient class scheduling, Exam scheduling.
  • Analysis of Teacher Effectiveness in completing syllabus in

    time/Pass-fail report/Teacher Ranking.

  • Automation of invoice generation, Online fee payment &


  • Automatic workload distribution among teachers with Leave


  • Automatic surveys and Extra-curricular participation/Sports.
  • Analysis of student All-Round report- academic performance.

    Comparison -Median/Avg; Extra-Curricular & Sports participation.

  • Automation of class attendance report with automated entry and

    exit time.

  • Real time alerts for Transports & Student entry & exit at school


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