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K ONE Portfolio

K-One Ventures - Key Products Portfolio

K One Ventures is a Technology Services Start-Up formally Recognized by Government of India - DIPP12489. Interests in multiple verticals like School (k12 seg-ment), Colleges, Restaurants, Airlines, Online testing for retail users. The key differentiator is the Services model (SAS), brilliant User Interface & quick support
SchoolBellQ* All Managed service, ready to use:
✔ Numerous automation services to improve their internal efficiency and operations.
✔ Impart schools sophisticated information systems with extremely simple and lucid User interfaces.
✔ Managed Services' Model: Trained & dedicated resources provided at school premises for all essential school school administration function.
✔ Complete Bouquet: Pre-admissions to Fee to Report Cards to Academic administration to transport to Back office.
✔ Proven capability with IOT (Internet of Things) & integrate with our systems like RFID cards, Biometric & Live GPS tracking.
✔ State-of-the-art app for enabling school to seamlessly & effortlessly share information with parents on a parent's App (IOS and Android platform).

Parent's App
Free Invoice
Online Payment
Discount, Late Fee
Online entrance
Exam &
Report Card
GPS,RFID cards
Back Office
HR, Payroll etc
OnTime is a part of Human connect, a comprehensive HR suite,to detect & address RCA.

✔ Face recognition based attendance with geo-tagging with high accuracy that makes it fool proof and reliable tool for capturing attendance.
✔ It works for well for office as well as field staff.
✔ Employees tracking option for authorized personnel during work hours.
✔ Reliable app to go paperless for leave Management, Pay slips, Appraisal Management etc.
✔ Also supported with web version, organization specific customizations & service support.
GPS based
& Gallery
My Feedbackq"is a comprehensive feedback system with world class app for capturing & processing all types of service feedback.
✔  Customize questionnaires design anytime
✔  Engage patrons, connect on social media
✔  Marketing Promotions:Leveraging transactions history for revenue yielding promos.
✔  Reduce silent customer churn.
✔  Payment options on Table (NFC & OCR)
✔  Service support, Incisive insights & Analytics to detect & address RCA.
✔  Reaching out unhappy customers rating services as low due to poor experience.
VisitrQ* is a complete visitor management solution, features with:
✔ Capture & verify incoming visitor photograph.
✔  Accurate & Complete Records
✔  OTP based authentication
✔  Building & Syncing of database of visitors
✔  Optional Approval from the visited person
✔  Storage & Retrieval of Records
Lead Management: Integration ready CRM for generating, processing leads for maximizing success rate.:
✔ Digital Marketing combined with lead management in a multiple counsellor environment.
✔  Verified leads through OTP Combines the power instant online tests
✔  Real-time lead transmission to counsellors on sms & email to reduce TAT & get higher conversions.
✔  Auto lead allocation based on counsellor performance
✔ state of the art platform for versatile Online testing across genres.
✔  Result Diagnostics, In-depth, Multivariate Analysis, Algorithm based
✔  Repository Based Randomization of test Questions..
✔  Provides actionable insights for students and teachers separately.


Overview of SchoolBellQ* Services
Effortlessly run your school operations, And Excel in School Education
Get the Smart edge to automate your school Ops
School Automation Services Currently serving 50000 students , 50 Schools , 9 cities

  • Fill more seats through Synergy & get Higher Lead capture & Conversion
  • Integrate Digital Marketing campaigns with our world class lead Management.
  • Robust Lead Management to maximize counsellor performance
  • Integrated, ready to use Online Tests for Admission for all classes
Unique Service
  • Quick TAT for Launching the Ops ( 7 days )
  • We take full Onus of running the operation
  • Price includes Our Manpower for school Operations
  • 'Managed Services' & Hosted Solution
  • 24*7 Customer care & service
  • End to end Support for Parents/App Users
  • No License fee, Flexible Pricing
  • Intuitive Parent's App with 4.5 rating
  • Superior User Interface for Admin
  • Customized Online Test for all Classes
  • Multifaceted Student Analysis report
  • World class Fee Module, real time alerts
  • Dashboards & Insightful Reports
  • Notification on SMS for school authorities
  • SMS, Email & App Notification, Audio Notes
  • Fee Customized Notification
Ahead On
  • Biometric Integration
  • RFID Cards for attendance
  • IOT for operational efficiency
  • Barcode for Library
  • Tally Integration
  • VTS & GPS Tracking system
  • Online Payment Integration
  • SMS, Email & App Notification
Back Office Operations
  • HR Management
  • Employee Appraisal & Profile
  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Payroll Process
  • Teacher Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Gate Pass for Student Security
  • FeedBack & Survey Management
School Admin
  • 'Best in class' Fee Management
  • Library Management
  • Transport Management
  • Circular Management
  • TC Management
  • Online Admission Process
  • Statutory Reports
  • Incident & Medical Report
  • Extra Curricular Planning
  • Vacancy Management for new Admissions
  • Timetable & Class Scheduling
  • Teacher Substitution
  • Syllabus Management
  • Unit & Lesson planning
  • Custom Report Cards
  • Online Tests for each class
  • Student Analytical Report
  • Class work & Homework Assigning
  • Teacher Performance Analytics

Lockdown friendly features

Academics, Homework & Online Testing
Online Classes on Third-party apps facilitated through our Platform
  • Easy Scheduling and Credential dissemination on our app through our platform.
  • Syllabus Planning, Agenda of the upcoming classes shared through time table & Lesson planning Study Material for the recent classes shared post classes
  • Coming Soon - Classes Conferencing built-in within our app - No need to send reminders ErMeeting links to parents.
Close looping Homework
  • Initiating Loop School assigns, uploads homework on our platform with submission date
  • Closing Loop 2: Student downloads the homework, completes it, submits it by uploading it through App
Online Testing
  • A very seamless, intuitive & easy to use platform to compose and administer weekly class tests to students effortlessly with specific time limits.
  • Supports multiple formats of questions (frICQs, Descriptive or Reading comprehension).
Evaluation & Grading
  • Quick evaluation by the system based on pre-fed correct answers along with the result insights like screen time analysis, concept expertise level,
  • Tests reinforce and consolidate weekly learning and induces seriousness among students towards classes & tests
Connectivity with Parents & Amongst School Team
Constant Connect
  • SMS, Email, App Notifications
  • WhatsApp Integration -Coming soon
Circulars Publication
  • Instant communication through a designated module in our app with intuitive GUI
  • Individual. Circulars for specific students publishing feature
  • Report cards shared through circular feature to individual. student
Fee Collection & Invoice Customization for online payment
Fee Invoice customized for COVID times
  • Fee invoices broken down component wise to allow low ticket size payment Instant receipts,Online payment through CC, debit card. Net Banking, UPI, Wallets & NACH.
Lowest cost of transaction and multiple payment instruments
  • This covers most of the instruments on the online spectrum and offers extremely competitive transaction costs avoiding burden on parents
Quick, Effective Customized Communication
  • Quick communication through automated invoice mails to parents b- customized fees notifications, with the ability to pay without logging in. Flexibility for concessions, late payment fine
Easy Payment! collection option
  • Customized fee reminders flexibility in concessions and convenience to send links for payment without logging in.
Lead Generation & New Admissions Process for COVID times
Lead generation combined with social media marketing & closing the lead with admissions
  • To maximize the admissions social media is used as a tool to generate admission leads.
  • Complete automation and distribution of leads generated the best performing counsellors.
  • Complete UM with the follow up and reminders to internal team to get admissions
Pre-Admission Process with Online Entrance Tests, Counselling & payments
  • Complete online process of pre-admissions including counselling online entrance test and online fee payment.
  • Integrated stage wise communications to the parent with specific notifications at each stage.

Why Choose us ?

Why Choose us?

There are numerous compelling reasons for the best school to partner with us and taste our services first hand.
Some of the most promising premises to engage with us are categorised under 4 broad heads as below:

Service Edge
Ensuring 'Value Add' delivery

Software as Service (SAS), this certainly is the most compelling reasons why school partner with us it is the key to 'Value Add' delivery

The onus is on us to run the operations which ensures the Value Addition is delivered and not just valuable entity given to you

On premise full time manpower & dedicated manager to ensure seamless service with super quick & efficient resolutions.

Award winning Customer care to directly service customers promptly

24*7 Support for issues related to App, Login & Password Requests, Fee payment related issues.
Superlative Admin Platform
School Automation Solution

Integrate platform with all Modules

Integrated Super-Admin platform for a unified view of Multiple school group with consolidation of data in a single UI

Intuitive UI - Single click deep drill down navigation from Dashboard itself

Incredible functionalities - Powerful servers to handle complex functionalities like time-table with multiple constraints

Intelligent Insights - Robust Reporting with automated analytics

Complete Bouquet
Meeting school needs end to end with single platform

Largest Portfolio of services, besides automation services through exhaustive Modules in ERP:

RIFD Based Attendance for School Gates & Buses (Boarding & Alighting) - Real time Alerts

GPS Based live bus tracking in the app with - Real time Alerts

Biometric & Facial recognition based attendance integration - Real time

BarCode Reader integration for Library etc QR Code integration for multiple applications, from ID card to Gate Pass to Library Transactions Online Payment Gateway integration for Fees transactions Tally Payment to seamlessly connect Fee module & accounting
World Class App
Parent't Connectivity

We have 2 absolutely awesome Apps both on Android & iOS platforms by the name of SchoolBellQ*

Excellent Ratings of 4.5 for our android app on Playstore is a testimony that we exceed expectations

Both the apps have accumulated user downloads of close to 50000

Why we Different ?

Why we Different & Best?

How do we ensure that the 'Value Add' is delivered to you?

In most other ERPs a lot of modules either remain under-utilised or not utilised at all. We ensure the optimum utilisation of all given modules through necessary support to the users of school removing all technological barriers.

Customisations to bring the platform UI to user's convenience and comfort and not the other way round -Quick, Relevant Customisation is the key pillar to ensure the 'Value Add' is delivered to you. (Please remember its one thing to have a custody of 'Valuable ERP Platform' and quite another to ensure the Delivery of Value addition intended)

Ahead on Technology: Be it IOT or simple RFID based attendance in classes or access control, we always keep our partner schools ahead on the technology curve.

Customer Care: 24*7 support to school's parents from our dedicated team.
Our school associates based out of school ensure smooth daily operations & data upload. Also developments required for new needs or customisations.
Dedicated Account managers work in close coordination with school for trouble shooting, developing & delivering new customisations

Why go by our words

Why go by our words?

Check for yourself,Verify our claims yourselves, Check out our feedback!

App Users: Our Google Play-store rating puts us 4.5 Star category, which is the coveted premium category.Check it our & read more flattering comments from the user parents
- Rating & Parent's Comments: High Satisfaction Scores on Google Playstore

As they say,The proof of the pudding lies in eating, we are pleased to invite you to Google Play-store(look for schoolbellq app) and check out the fantastic feedback & great ratings that parents have showered on us and the concerned partner schools benefitting from our services influencing many of parents to give for admission in that school

Admin Users:We have premium schools as our clients who would be willing to confirm our superlative services through their testimonies - available on request.
- Client testimony and Comments: High Satisfaction Scores among our partner schools reflected in low to zero attrition

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