How to cope with exam stress

February 7, 2020

 Exams can be a challenging part of a student’s life. A little stress is good, as it can serve as a motivational push to work harder for achieving our goals. However, exam stress can give rise to anxiety which may interfere with our performance. It can create self-doubt amongst many and hamper one’s social, emotional […]

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Nutrition and fitness tips to stimulate your child’s development

February 1, 2020

 Children who are taught healthy eating habits and partake in physical activity enjoy good health and development. But children can be moody, with toddlers throwing vegetables on the floor or getting glued to the TV. However frustrating it may be, parents must find ways to persuade children that vegetables are healthy for them, and too […]

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5 ways to treat your children apart from food

January 25, 2020

 Who doesn’t enjoy treats? From our kids to us, all of us like getting little treats every now and then. But not everyone likes sweets and junk foods, which is also not good for health. Talking about this, it’s a good idea to tell your kids that a treat doesn’t always have to be something […]

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Hear your child before rushing in to fix the problem

January 21, 2020

 Recently, my nine-year-old son was upset as he had dropped paint all over an artwork that he had been working on in his art class for three weeks. My heart broke as I knew how much effort he had put into it. Immediately, I told him it doesn’t matter. These things happen all the time. […]

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3 ways to reduce obesity in your kids

January 17, 2020

 As per a study conducted in 2018 by the Childhood Obesity, 8.82 percent of children in India are obese. It’s a matter of concern because in the past two decades, obesity has led to a dramatic increase in the incidence of Type-2 diabetes among children. According to a study published in the International Journal of […]

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Some fun Math Facts !

January 16, 2020

 The National Mathematics Day 2019 went by last month on the 23rd of December. Here are some interesting facts about the subject that you can quiz your child about. 1. Among all shapes with the same perimeter a circle has the largest area. Among all shapes with the same area circle has the shortest perimeter. […]

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Top kids’ books of 2019 by Indian publishers

January 4, 2020

 Many of our previous articles here have explored the several benefits of kids reading story books on their own, as well as parents reading to and with them. Continuing the tradition to this new year, we bring you the top children’s books of 2019 so that you introduce your child to the ones they have […]

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4 fun New Year resolutions for your kids (and You)

December 31, 2019

 All set with New Year resolutions for 2020 ? New Year time is when we make fresher resolutions, list down our hopes and dreams for the year to come and welcome in positivity. If you thought this was just limited to adults, think again. This year, get your kids to set some fun resolutions too! […]

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When parents with high math anxiety help with homework, children learn less

December 28, 2019

 If the thought of calculating a tip at a restaurant makes you nervous, then you are not alone. Math anxiety is common worldwide. Math anxiety can lead to poor performance and also deter people from taking math courses. This is because feelings of anxiety can tie up important cognitive resources (known as working memory), which […]

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Five easy ways to boost your kid’s IQ

December 18, 2019

 Who doesn’t want their kids to be smart and intelligent? As per studies, people with high IQ are more successful. But it’s a myth that IQ is a ‘gift of god’. This is because there are ways you can cultivate the Intelligence Quotient in your kids and yourself too. There is no age to improve […]

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