Month: November 2019

What to do at home so your kids do well at school

November 11, 2019

Student achievement has been found to be most influenced by parents’ aspirations and expectations for their children’s development along with active involvement in their learning. Parents must be supporters and there are simple things a parent can do to ensure a child is well-adjusted and ready to learn in a school environment. These expectations and […]

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Here’s how to get kids to remember times tables

November 2, 2019

Lots of kids have trouble remembering their times tables. Learning them by rote can mean a child can accurately recite the times tables, but has no idea what the numbers actually mean or how to apply this knowledge in a Math problem. Practice is essential to effective learning, but it is important to keep a […]

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Five things every guilty parent needs to know.

November 1, 2019

It’s the guilty secret many parents are reluctant to admit aloud: no matter how much you love your kids, being a parent can make you feel bad. But Google knows you’re not alone. Look up the phrase guilty parent and you’ll get more than 70 million results. Unfortunately, most of that advice is based on […]

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