Guiding teachers and students through Bhagvad Gita

February 14, 2019

 In our country, with the decline of Gurukul culture and emergence of commercial schools, examination at every step has become a challenge for a seeker. Since childhood, every seeker of education (child) is made to face tough competitions for entry into schools, colleges, universities, various career options and so on. This challenge, many a times, […]

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Techniques to simplify the revision process during exams

February 13, 2019

 Exam times have started and can be extremely stressful, not just for the kids, but for their parents too. However, smart study techniques can help your kids comprehend, learn, retain and reproduce material with relatively less trouble. The point here is that, parents have to try to not let the exam pressure deter their kids […]

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What is RESPONSIVE PARENTING and how you can raise confident kids with it

February 11, 2019

 When you are a parent, you often face situations that catch you off guard, which can challenge even the most experienced parents. But there is one parenting model that is considered extremely useful and is highly advocated by child experts – it is called RESPONSIVE PARENTING. But it isn’t so simple- to be a responsive […]

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8 Things That Make Children Feel Happier and More Complete

February 6, 2019

 “One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, is to have a happy childhood,” said Agatha Christie. And this is not far from the truth. In fact, if there is one thing that you will remember your whole life (even when you get very old and forgetful), it’s […]

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What Should Parents Do if Their Child is Bullied at School?

January 30, 2019

 Having your child bullied at school is one of the greatest fears of parents – and research shows this fear is well founded. School bullying to has been described as the single most important threat to the mental health of children and adolescents. Well-controlled studies show that being bullied in primary school increases the risk […]

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11 Things You Should Never Say to Your Children if You Want Them to be Happy and Successful

January 14, 2019

 Parenting is a roller coaster which doesn’t come with safety belts. There are many things you need to do as parents. But there are also things that you shouldn’t be doing or saying. Here are 11 things you should never say to your kids if you want them to be happy and successful. 1. “Big […]

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The ONE question you must ask your child everyday

January 10, 2019

 Parenting can be a roller-coaster ride and honestly there are no set rules for parents. Every one has a unique parenting style and it is okay. But there is one question that a child psychologist encourages every parent to ask their child EVERY SINGLE DAY. The question is “What kind of things did you do […]

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How parents and teachers can help their kids make friends at School

December 29, 2018

 If we think back to our own childhood days, most of us would agree that making good friends in primary school was not always an easy task. Sometimes friendships occurred out of convenience or survival when there were a limited number of peers to choose from. Sometimes friendship was an utility to be bought and […]

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How to raise a child who cares

December 24, 2018

 Ever worry that your kid is insensitive? Or wish they would do something kind on their own? Empathy can be developed and encouraged in young people. Lots of parents are alarmed when they see selfish traits in their kids. The main reason behind this is that- the main part of the brain responsible for empathy […]

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How to tackle anxiety in your children

December 13, 2018

 When your child is battling anxiety, it can be extremely stressful for the most well-meaning parents too. As parents, while the natural urge is to remove anxiety triggers from the kid’s life and thereby protecting him/her, KEEP IN MIND that doing so might actually intensify the child’s anxiety. Hence, it is of utmost importance that […]

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