Simple Steps to Learn Anything Faster

Richard Feynman, a Nobel prize-winning physicist, identified the following steps for mastering any subject. This simple technique is called Feynman Technique.

This technique helps you study faster and retain more information.

The Feynman Technique involves


  • Choosing a concept and understanding the ideas

You can choose any concept from any subject. First understand the ideas of the concept.

  • Teaching it to a toddler

Take a blank piece of paper and write everything you know about the concept, in a way as if you were teaching it to a 5-year old child who doesn’t understand complicated vocabulary and jargon.

  • Identifying the gaps and going back to the source material

If you cannot find the words to describe your concept in layman terms, read the study materials again. Whenever you get stuck, go back to the source materials, lectures or a teacher and re-read or re-learn the material until you get it enough to explain it in simple words.

  • Simplifying the concept and creating analogies.

Now you have a set of hand-written notes. Review them and read them aloud. If the explanation isn’t simple or sounds confusing, the area needs some work. Create analogies to understand it better.



The Feynman Technique helps to you to understand , recall and explain anything within a very short span of time. Since learning is about making things easier and not about remembering something difficult.

The Feynman Technique can be used for any chapter of any subject, from understanding a simple problem to grasping Quantum Physics. By forcing yourself to make something easier, you will remember it better.



So, what are waiting for? Go ahead and grab a pen and a paper & embark on mastering that subject/topic which you had been waiting to learn for so long.


With inputs from The Telegraph(07-07-2018)

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