How to help your child cope through any mental issue?

Everything around us is changing. The way we interact, the way we go about doing things. Moreover the pace at which all this is happening is startling. So, how does this affect the young generation?


It is ironical that parents and academicians are so busy focusing on academic achievements of a child that they tend to ignore the most important part of their growing years – emotional self-regulation. There have been studies that have established that people with higher emotional intelligence have higher IQs (and are more successful) than people who are toppers in schools and colleges. Resilience is the one character trait that is lacking in most kids and thus, making them prone to mental health issues.

We keep asking and encouraging our children to succeed but forget to teach them ‘how to fail’.

  • Active listening and letting them share their opinion.
  • Not judging them when they share something with you.
  • By allowing them to share their mistakes and letting them learn from them.
  • By modelling and teaching them that it is okay to fail and accepting them despite failure.
  • By focusing on their strengths and not weaknesses.
  • By teaching them empathy, kindness, compassion and gratitude.
  • By helping them to learn to shift from a fixed to growth mindset.
  • By teaching them mindfulness and relaxation exercises to manage stress in everyday life.



* Taken from TOI-31st August,2018 edition.

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