3 Unbelievably Simple Parenting Ideas That Work.

      1. Children need a minimum of eight touches during a day to feel connected to a parent.

If they are going through a particularly challenging time, it’s a minimum of 12 a day. This doesn’t have to be a big deal; it could be the straightening of a collar, a pat on the shoulder or a simple hug.

      2. Each day, children need one meaningful eye-to-eye conversation with a parent.

It is especially important for babies to have that eye contact, but children of all ages need us to slow down and look them in the eyes.

      3. There are 9 minutes during the day that have the greatest impact on a child:

  • The first 3 minutes right after they wake up.
  • The 3 minutes after they come home from school.
  • The last 3 minutes of the day before they go to bed.


We need to make those moments special and help our children feel loved.

These are simple, right? Nothing really earth-shattering here.

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