Powerful ways to encourage your kids daily!

Being a parent is easy but taking on the role of parenting can be tough because whatever you do or speak, you are also influencing the little ones. Kids grow up seeing the world around them and their families are the biggest motivators for them.

So, here are some small little ways that can help parents build a smarter, more workable relationship with their kids:-

  • Appreciate their goodness!
  • Building blocks make for a good gift, which would test their cognitive skills. You can also work with them in the challenge.
  • Offer them a challenge to deal with.
  • Test their cognitive skills in situations.
  • Praise them even if they do something difficult. This will let them know that they are appreciated.
  • Let them try a solution themselves so that they learn to solve problems when they are without you.
  • Allow them to get bored. Being alone and bored can teach them to make good use of time and relax.
  • Sign them up for music and dance classes which can be helpful for their mental health and inforce good habits in them.
  • Encourage them to share their troubles each day.
  • Solve problems together which help them face problems growing up.
  • Encourage hugs to teach them about compassion.
  • Ask them to help you daily in a job! This would make them more involved into things and make better use of their time.
  • Establish a family routine to get them more involved. This will also teach them moral values.
  • Stop watching TV before bed. Getting rid of this habit would help them get better sleep.
  • Proclaim your love to them often. Nothing speaks better than love.
  • Teach them that it’s okay to fail at tests so that they know how to survive in a competitive environment.
  • Teach them meditation, which will help them relax and adopt a stress-free routine.
  • Encourage reading which would ensure time spent away from gadgets and television and will also make them gain new knowledge.
  • Stop saying ‘good job’ often. Instead, make it a habit to point out their flaws, although gently so that they know where they are wrong and when they are right.

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