The Grammar Family!!!

It gets much easier for a child to understand a concept, if the same is  told to them in form of a story or pictures. Here, we are sharing a similar “story” about a family in London. Tell your little ones this story and help them understand some basic concepts of English Grammar.

Have a fun-reading everyone! 🙂

1. There is a family in London whose surname is Grammar.

2. There is a couple, Mr. Noun and Mrs. Verb.

3. The couple has 3 children: a son, Pronoun and two daughters, Adverb and Adjective.

4. The son, Pronoun, has to do all the work of his father in his absence.

5. The 2 daughters (Adverb and Adjective) love each other but there is a difference in them. Adjective loves her father and brother and keeps praising them.

Adverb loves her mother more and she always modifies her when there is a need.

6. There are 2 servants in the family. Preposition and Conjunction.

7. The Preposition is the chief servant. He is the official servant of his master.

8. Conjunction is the family servant and looks after every member of the family.

9.The Interjection joins the family in times of joy and sorrow.

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One thought on “The Grammar Family!!!”

  1. This is simply wow!!! Grammar family a very lucid way of story telling that ensures that the subject matter is retained by the reader.


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