How to tackle anxiety in your children

When your child is battling anxiety, it can be extremely stressful for the most well-meaning parents too.

As parents, while the natural urge is to remove anxiety triggers from the kid’s life and thereby protecting him/her, KEEP IN MIND that doing so might actually intensify the child’s anxiety.

Hence, it is of utmost importance that as a parent you learn how to manage your young ones’ response to the trigger and help them cope.

Here are certain things to be kept in mind :

1. Don’t “protect” them from thir anxiety triggers

This is what most parents wrong. Helping children escape their anxiety triggers might bring immediate relief, but what will happen when you are not around? Teach your children that instead of avoiding things that make them anxious, they should learn how to cope up with them in the long run.

2. Don’t dismiss their fears

If your child is afraid of dogs, you cannot tell him/her that all dogs are friendly and they never bite. They might bite. They might bark as well. But, your duty as a parent is to express confidence and belief that they are going to be okay. Don’t tell your child that his/her fear is irrational or invalid, instead discuss it with them and give them hope. Let your child face the fear and be with them while they do it.

3. Ask your child to list down the things that make him/her anxious

Kids don’t come and share everything with their parents. Hence, it is a good practice to ask your child to jot down the things that make him/her anxious. This way thay develop a medium through which they can share whatever they are feeling, without worrying about anything.

4. It is never too early to start loving yourself

If you are on your toes all the time and have a habit of being too critical with yourself when it comes to even the tiniest of the things, be rest assured that you will pass on these traits to your children too.

Instead, teach your child the art of loving themselves even when they are not perfect. Teach them it is okay to make mistakes and we don’t have to be on the edge all the time.

5. You are not a bad parent

While dealing with your child’s anxiety, it is important to keep in mind that your child’s anxiety disorder has nothing to do with your parenting. Pay attention to your child’s feelings and try and stay calm yourself when he/she is feeling anxious.



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