Guiding teachers and students through Bhagvad Gita

In our country, with the decline of Gurukul culture and emergence of commercial schools, examination at every step has become a challenge for a seeker. Since childhood, every seeker of education (child) is made to face tough competitions for entry into schools, colleges, universities, various career options and so on. This challenge, many a times, creates doubts in the minds of a learner or seeker. Most of the time, many get drowned in the fear of possible disaster. This impending defeat takes away from them the spirit to work or perform to the best of their capabilities.

We see so many bright students in conflict with themselves. They are unable to evaluate their strengths and focus only on their weaknesses. They are caught more in fear than in performance; in self defeat and shame of withdrawal.

 We see a perfect case of this during Mahabharat where Arjun laid his bow and arrow in front of Lord Krishna. He was so much shaken that he could not gather the courage to fight.

“Having said, in battle field no, in chariot he dropped low leaving bow and arrow, he grieved with sorrow”.

This is the time when lord Krishna came in as a spiritual and moral guide and uttered such words which had engulfed the seeker – Arjuna.

“Our life is a battlefield and we all are warriors in this journey. At every step we have to fight and prove our ability. Various vices like lack of preparation, dedication, loss of focus, fear of failure, shame of withdrawal, ridicule of society etc. stand in our path of excellence.”

The same situation which Arjuna faced in Mahabharat arise in our lives at every step. Self doubt of our own capabilities and potentials coupled with fear of losing, pulls us down. The end result is that a learner as a seeker of education forgets his goals and withdraws in total helplessness.

This is the time when an informed teacher should guide the learner with informed knowledge.

We see that Krishna guides Arjuna to do selfless work. Only work is under our control. Krishna called this as Karma.Thus, as students one should study and should not grieve in sorrow. Wherever there is doubt in studies,one should get it cleared and be focused on their path and without any tension.

This is the path of self evaluation and self actualization.

Thus the role of a good teacher is to be the motivator and guide. He should remove the darkness surrounding the mind of the seeker and guide her towards enlightenment.

“TAMSO MAA JYOTIRGAMYA”-“From darkness, lead me to light” (Upanishad)




This article has been written by Ms.Mamta Mehrotra PRINCIPALDelhi Public World School, Patna.

She is a versatile writer and many of her articles have been published in local newspapers and magazines of national repute.





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