How having conversations with your children can be beneficial?

There is nothing ground-breaking here. Parents may wonder what benefits their child can reap simply through a conversation. Well, the truth is, it is not so much about the conversation itself but, the way you ‘converse’.

Nowadays, both parents have jobs and find it difficult due to their hectic schedule to have a proper, heart-to-heart talk with their child.

But this simple and no-cost habit has many benefits:-

1. Having a proper conversation with your child can speed up their brain development.

2. Scientists think it’s the process of taking turns in a conversation which helps; rather than the number or difficulty of words used.

3. The importance thing is not just to talk to your child, ‘but to talk with your child’.

4. Scientists studied children between the ages of 4 and 6 and found that children who were given more opportunities to speak, had more developed language ability.

These children had better vocabulary, grammar and verbal reasoning.

5. These skills can be practised even before a child can speak by taking turns making noises.

6. The findings show how important it is for parents to engage children in meaningful conversations.

7. Engaging in proper conversations with children on a daily basis fosters a better emotional-bonding between the parent and the children.




The article has been sourced from internet.

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