Skills to be taught to your kid before preschool.

Pre-school is the first step of your child towards getting a formal education and like every parent, you want your child to have e a strong start in life. You may have chosen the best play-school for her, but before you decide to enroll your child in the pre-school, you should see if she is ready for it. It is very important to prepare your little one for this important transition in life.

Here are a few basic things your child should know before you send her to pre-school.

1. Independence with basic skills

You love your child but you won’t be around her when she is away. So encourage her to be independent with basic self-care skills like hand-washing, nose wiping, opening lunch box, zipping backpack and covering her mouth when coughing or sneezing.

2. Potty training

Potty train your child before you send her off to the play-school. Your child should be able to go and sit on the toilet seat on her own. If your child is able to keep her diaper dry for an hour, then she is most likely ready to begin her training.

3. Basic organization skills

This will be the first time your child will stay away from you so make sure she knows how to organize her things. Teach her the right place to keep her toys and books. Assist her in the beginning, but let her do it on her own after a while. Keep appreciating her for little achievements to encourage her to do more.

4. Social skills

Pre-school is all about socializing, so make sure your child is good at it. Socializing skills will help your child get along with other kids. Ask yourself these basic questions- Can your child stay away from you? Is she able to do her own stuff? Teach her good manners, like saying please, thank you, excuse me. Also, she must be able to say when she is feeling thirsty or wants to go to the loo.

5. Communication skills

Pre-school is all about listening and talking. Talk to her about her day or ask her about the dinner. This will help her build language skills and help her in school. Also, try to introduce new words to your child. Your child will be able to learn better at pre-school if her communication skills are strong.

6. Basics are a must

Before sending her to pre-school, make sure your child knows the basic. Introduce her to alphabets and numbers. Also, teach her to the right way to hold pencils. Your child must know her full name, her parents’ name, her address and her phone number. If your child has an allergy or any other health issue, make sure your child knows about it. This will help her in school.




This article first appeared in the ‘Times of India.’


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