16 manners your children must know!

 We all want to raise good kids and for that we try to imbibe good values. But if you are focusing a little too much on a few and are ignoring some important ones in the process, here is an etiquette refresher for you. After all, your child should be remembered for his good manners and not for being impolite, insensitive or rude, right?

1. Say ‘Please’ – everytime you want someone to do something for you.

2. Say ‘Thank You’ – everytime someone does something for you.

3. Do not interrupt when grown ups are talking – If not controlled in time, this habit can spiral into something very annoying for everyone around you. Kids should know the virtue of patience and learn to wait for their turn.

4. Say ‘Excuse Me’ to gain attention – If you want people to turn to you, always say excuse me.

5. Do not make comments on other people’s appearance – It’s outright unacceptable for anyone to comment on someone else’s weight, height, colour , etc.

6. Always greet people – Always say ‘Hi, Good morning,’ etc. to people you meet.

7. Thank people for having you over – Whenever you are leaving your friend’s house, make it a point to thank his parents for having you over

8. Knock on doors that are shut before entering – Do not walk right into shut door. It’s polite to knock and wait for a response.

9. Never use foul language – Nah! Not acceptable.

10. Do not bully or gang up against someone – If others are making fun of something or bullying them, doesn’t make it right for you to do it too.

11. Try to enjoy your company and do not say ‘I am bored’ all the time – It’s alright to sit idle sometimes and not shout over your lungs that you having nothing to do and hence you are bored.

12. Hold the door open the person coming after you – Kids learn from their parents. Practice it!

13. Always ask if you can help – It’s good to help adults without expecting any reward in return.

14. Do not make noise while eating – Eat slowly and without making any noise.

15. Do not pick your nose in public.

16. Do not make a show of your negative emotions – It is okay to tell others and your parents when you are not feeling okay but making a public display of your foul mood is not right.



This article first appeared in TOI.

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