4 Things to do with your kids on Children’s Day

This year’s Children’s Day just went by but there is no reason, not to continue celebrating it with your kids in a meaningful way.

Below, we list 4 things you can do with your kids.

Time for meaningful experiences

As parents, all we ever want to do is provide our little ones with the best of everything. However, this Children’s Day, instead of racing to the toy shop, we suggest gifting them what they really need- experiences and memories, the presents which will last forever. If you are torn between buying something that your kid’s little heart desires and gifting him/her something meaningful, here is our handy guide for this Children’s Day.

After all, the best gifts do not come with price tags !

1. Teach them about Children’s Day

You can take this day to educate them about the historical beginning of Children’s Day. You can host a Children’s Day themed party at your place, where kids can dress up as Pandit Nehru and do role plays and skits.

2. It is movie time!

From ‘The Lion King, Home Alone to Chillar Party’, there is no dearth of exciting movies for children. This Children’s Day, take some time off from work and other commitments and binge watch some of these amazing movies with your kids. To amplify the theatre feel, you can add some homemade snacks and a big bowl of popcorn.

3. Let’s go farming

If your kids have never visited the farms, children’s day is the perfect opportunity to take your kids away from the hustle-bustle of the city and sit in nature’s lap. A visit to the farm gives the children about an idea where the food in their plates comes from. It also instills a sense of responsibility in them to minimise food wastage.

4. Visit an old age home or orphanage

It is important for children to understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family. A visit to an old age home or orphanage will help in inculcating human values like empathy and kindness in the little ones.




This article first appeared in the ‘TOI’.

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