Month: December 2019

4 fun New Year resolutions for your kids (and You)

December 31, 2019

All set with New Year resolutions for 2020 ? New Year time is when we make fresher resolutions, list down our hopes and dreams for the year to come and welcome in positivity. If you thought this was just limited to adults, think again. This year, get your kids to set some fun resolutions too! […]

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When parents with high math anxiety help with homework, children learn less

December 28, 2019

If the thought of calculating a tip at a restaurant makes you nervous, then you are not alone. Math anxiety is common worldwide. Math anxiety can lead to poor performance and also deter people from taking math courses. This is because feelings of anxiety can tie up important cognitive resources (known as working memory), which […]

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Five easy ways to boost your kid’s IQ

December 18, 2019

Who doesn’t want their kids to be smart and intelligent? As per studies, people with high IQ are more successful. But it’s a myth that IQ is a ‘gift of god’. This is because there are ways you can cultivate the Intelligence Quotient in your kids and yourself too. There is no age to improve […]

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Avoid saying these 4 things to your kids !

December 14, 2019

Raising kids regardless their age, is a very sensitive and delicate job which requires constant efforts to prepare them for the real world. Parents have to instil the right values, set good examples, encourage them to adopt good language or even something as simple as using the right words. Words can have a lasting impact, […]

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Children learn from stress and failure: all the more reason you shouldn’t do their homework

December 13, 2019

Does helping your child with homework hinder their progress? The answer to this question is not simple. So far, research on the subject has been mixed, finding that different types of parental involvement in homework have different relationships to achievement. For example, are you motivated to help your child because you are worried they will […]

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