Month: March 2020

4 Things to teach your tween before she turns into a teen

March 9, 2020

Girls grow up really fast, faster than we like. From dolls, legos to spending time with friends and taking extra classes for the overburdening academic pressure, tiny giggles will turn into hormonal tantrums and burgeoning insecurities. So, before they grow out of your lap and walk the tightrope towards teenhood, parents have an important role […]

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Six ways to get your children hooked on books

March 2, 2020

Six ways to get your children hooked on books 1 Share the pleasure of reading. Read books aloud to each other or download audiobooks and listen to them together. 2 Encourage reading for pleasure in any form – it doesn’t matter what they read, as long as they enjoy it. 3 Take them to the […]

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