4 Things to teach your tween before she turns into a teen

Girls grow up really fast, faster than we like. From dolls, legos to spending time with friends and taking extra classes for the overburdening academic pressure, tiny giggles will turn into hormonal tantrums and burgeoning insecurities. So, before they grow out of your lap and walk the tightrope towards teenhood, parents have an important role to play. Here are four things you should tell your tween every day.

1. Help them learn important life skills

Guide them to use a planner to track important things including their school homework and daily revisions. Encourage them to wake up on their own without waiting for you to do it. They should also be taught the importance of organising things and following a schedule. Once they turn into teens, they should be independent enough to wake up on time, get ready for school, do their school work, priortise things and be self-reliant in most ways.

2. Teach them important social skills

Teach them the art of communication with people in a social setting, even if they don’t know anyone. Teach them basic etiquette and how to place orders and share feedback in restaurants and other outlets. They should know when to apologise and when to take a firm stand.

3. Tell them the importance of expressing emotions

Many parents complain that their kid start bottling up emotions when they enter their teen years. This makes things more complex, because with teenhood comes the burden of lots of confusing emotions. They should be able to express hurt, fear or happiness. They should know how to deal with anxiety and over-whelming emotions- this will help them in the long run to deal with stress.

4. Ensure they have a habit of reading books

When your tween will enter into her teenage years, there will be times she will find herself lonely and abandoned. And that is when her habit of reading will come to the rescue. She should learn to lose herself in a book to recover from feelings of anxiety and find calmness in the moment.




This article first appeared in the ‘TOI’

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