When parents with high math anxiety help with homework, children learn less

December 28, 2019

 If the thought of calculating a tip at a restaurant makes you nervous, then you are not alone. Math anxiety is common worldwide. Math anxiety can lead to poor performance and also deter people from taking math courses. This is because feelings of anxiety can tie up important cognitive resources (known as working memory), which […]

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Five easy ways to boost your kid’s IQ

December 18, 2019

 Who doesn’t want their kids to be smart and intelligent? As per studies, people with high IQ are more successful. But it’s a myth that IQ is a ‘gift of god’. This is because there are ways you can cultivate the Intelligence Quotient in your kids and yourself too. There is no age to improve […]

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Avoid saying these 4 things to your kids !

December 14, 2019

 Raising kids regardless their age, is a very sensitive and delicate job which requires constant efforts to prepare them for the real world. Parents have to instil the right values, set good examples, encourage them to adopt good language or even something as simple as using the right words. Words can have a lasting impact, […]

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Children learn from stress and failure: all the more reason you shouldn’t do their homework

December 13, 2019

 Does helping your child with homework hinder their progress? The answer to this question is not simple. So far, research on the subject has been mixed, finding that different types of parental involvement in homework have different relationships to achievement. For example, are you motivated to help your child because you are worried they will […]

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4 Things to do with your kids on Children’s Day

November 15, 2019

 This year’s Children’s Day just went by but there is no reason, not to continue celebrating it with your kids in a meaningful way. Below, we list 4 things you can do with your kids. Time for meaningful experiences As parents, all we ever want to do is provide our little ones with the best […]

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What to do at home so your kids do well at school

November 11, 2019

 Student achievement has been found to be most influenced by parents’ aspirations and expectations for their children’s development along with active involvement in their learning. Parents must be supporters and there are simple things a parent can do to ensure a child is well-adjusted and ready to learn in a school environment. These expectations and […]

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Here’s how to get kids to remember times tables

November 2, 2019

 Lots of kids have trouble remembering their times tables. Learning them by rote can mean a child can accurately recite the times tables, but has no idea what the numbers actually mean or how to apply this knowledge in a Math problem. Practice is essential to effective learning, but it is important to keep a […]

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Five things every guilty parent needs to know.

November 1, 2019

 It’s the guilty secret many parents are reluctant to admit aloud: no matter how much you love your kids, being a parent can make you feel bad. But Google knows you’re not alone. Look up the phrase guilty parent and you’ll get more than 70 million results. Unfortunately, most of that advice is based on […]

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3 Things that help improve your kids’ exam results (besides studying)

October 30, 2019

 As parents, we all have worried about our child’s academic results at one time or the other. To help the parents, we have listed a very helpful article here. Parents are requested to go through it and also encourage their kids to read and implement the tips mentioned here, especially since this article is addressed […]

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Here’s what to know about Homework and help your child.

October 19, 2019

 Many parents and educators view homework as an important indicator of classroom rigor. The Back-to Basic Movement, which emphasizes the need for schools to teach basic academic skills in particular, has increased the emphasis on homework as a measure of a school’s success. In fact, many parents and students judge the difficulty of a course […]

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