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Give your dreams a chance! We offer young guys & gals a chance to fulfill their dreams by offering them exciting roles in a very unconventional ways.

SchoolBellQ* is currently at Inflection point a startup life cycle and are expecting to catapult into big league over next few quarters. We have received traction from market and our prospective institutional clients with many projects already signed and many in advanced stage of negotiation. We need a strong execution team to execute our project and hence need young, energetic and bright minds to join us in undertaking this journey of fast paced growth.

The Job in a startup is as exciting as it can get. We offer lead roles to young guys with determination, tenacity & attitude who are raring to go and unfazed by challenges! At this startup you get huge freedom, ownership and P&L responsibilities!

Come Join us in the field of finance, IT, Sales & Operations in Managerial & executive Positions.

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