For Smart Schools

Collaboration among stakeholders (Parents & School)

SchoolBellQ*™ brings mindfulness, intelligence & swiftness into disparate daily activities carried out by schools & enables collaboration with Parents.

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Actionable INSIGHTS from INCISIVE analysis

SchoolBellQ*™ Brings many useful actionable insights and incisive analysis to school Management helping it deliver best educational services & get their edge past the competition.

Academic Excellence & All-Round Development

As a result Schools become smarter, efficient in their operations & consequently more effective in its pursuit of academic excellence & all-round student development.

  • Automatic efficient class scheduling, Exam scheduling.
  • Analysis of Teacher Effectiveness in completing syllabus in

    time/Pass-fail report/Teacher Ranking.

  • Automation of invoice generation, Online fee payment &


  • Automatic workload distribution among teachers with Leave


  • Automatic surveys and Extra-curricular participation/Sports.
  • Analysis of student All-Round report- academic performance.

    Comparison -Median/Avg; Extra-Curricular & Sports participation.

  • Automation of class attendance report with automated entry and

    exit time.

  • Real time alerts for Transports & Student entry & exit at school