Parent App

Parents App Modules

  1  Dashboard
Facilitates or easy Access to all Important events, notifications, homework, time table, Bus tracking etc

  2  Detailed Class Timetable
Daily class Time table with Micro - scheduling - parents can be informed what will be taught in the class

  3  Notices/ Notifications
Schools can send notification on the app/email/SMS in a single click and receive read receipts. Notices can be displayed in the Gallary on Home screen so that no parent misses it. Notification can be customized to a student level

  4  Homework
Daily homework with attachments for each subjects

  5  Homework Submission Status
Close-looping of the homework given yesterday by updating its status whether submitted or not

  6  Extra Curricular Activity
Parents can see list of activities in advance and NOMINATE their child from the app for PARTICIPATION in ECA Parents can view ECA report

  7  Study Material
All the study material that's shared by the school in the downloadable formats of excel, word, jpg, PDF.

  8  Event's Gallery
Parents can view and download pictures of events held even at a class level.

  9  School Surveys
School can seek opinions or feedback on any topic and parents can get themselves heard.
 10 Attendance
Parents can view their child's attendance status as Present or Absent or Partial Attendance depending upon the arrival and exit time.

 11 Movement Manager
Access to live position of school bus on the map and the bus location notification based on the proximate distances chosen by the parents.

 12 Mark-sheet & Analysis
Marks of all the Exams in each subject visible to parents with graphical comparision.

 13 Exam Time Table
parents are able to check Upcoming Exam timetable.

 14 Student Fees (online payment & Receipt)
Parents can pay school fees through Debit-Credit Card, Internet-banking / Online transfer and get instant receipts, View proper invoice. Advance intimation of invoices and receipts of past payments.

 15 Student All Round Report
Complete information about the child and guardian. Class teacher provides feedback for the Student according to Class /performance in Exam and Extra Curricular Activity event.

 16 Grooming Report
Information regarding various aspects its punctuality, grooming attributes etc. on regular basis.

 17 Parent Concern
Parents can report their concern to the relevant department & get appropriate revert on the same from the school

 18 Holiday List
The list of holidays of throughout the academic year is posted here.
RFID Cards based Attendance - Automated School Entry Exit Notifications to Parents with RFID scanner
Student Bus IN & OUT - RFID tags based system that notifies parents about student's boarding & alighting school bus through app
Almanac - Carries School's motto and morning prayers.
Many More New Modules IN Development - Students Leave application through app; Online Testing from Objective to descriptive & Many more

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