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SchoolBellQ* is a 100% unit of K One Ventures LLP A Technology Services Start-Up Recognised by Government of India
Who We Are?

K One Ventures is a Technology services organization that provides Schools & Colleges numerous automation services & some solutions to service industry like Restaurant, Airlines & related hospitality services,etc to improve their internal efficiency and operations. It helps them tremendously by imparting them sophisticated information systems with extremely simple and lucid User interfaces.

We operate as 'Managed Services' Model especially for schools whereby we provide our trained & dedicated resources at their premises andhelpthem with all essential functions in school administration from Pre-admissions management to Fee Management to Report Cards to Academic administration.

We also have demonstrated capability to work with IOT (Internet of Things) and integrate them with our automation systems like RFID cards, Biometric Attendance & Live Bus tracking through GPS integration.

We also have a state-of-the-art app for enabling school to seamlessly & effortlessly connect with parents through parent's App on both iOS and Android platform.

We provide tabs with our app that serve hospitality industry by allowing patrons to place their order, record their feedback, post their restaurant trips to social media, record their feedback & pay their bills from tab with the app.

Why are We preferred?

Quick TAT for Launching
    - Go Live in < 7 Days launch challenge
Onus of running the operation is On Us
    - We take the responsibility of running the operation
Our Manpower for the school operations
    - - On the School Premises we provide dedicated, trained full time Manpower
Managed Services hosted Solution
    - We provide constant support & cloud service
24*7 Customer care end to end for App Users
    - All login related & payment related issues
No License fee, Best Price
    - No upfront payment required
Price inclusive of our Manpower for school operation
   - No additional or extra payment for providing manpower

Lead Generation Digital Marketing Campaign
Adapted for Integration with digital Marketing Campaigns
Lead Conversion with CRM
Auto assigning of leads/enquiries to Counsellors on an instant and real-time basis(performance based assignment).
Multiple Counsellors can be created to receive and process leads that are auto-assigned
Regular tracking of counselling status through summary reports and mails to relevant dept heads
Lucid and yet exhaustive display of the lead stages and status to all concerned with timestamp on each stage to ensure timely closure of leads either way - effective lead
Optimising digital marketing Performance Assessment of effectiveness of the digital marketing campaign & spends by attributing successful leads the corresponding media spends.

SchoolBellQ* is a 100% unit of K One Ventures LLP - A Technology Services Start-Up Recognised by Government of India
Online Question Repository
Rich, powerful and useful compilation of question repository that can be supplemented with locate teacher inputs
Multivariate Attributes of questions
Ability to assign multiple question attributes to a single question like; subject category, numerical, descriptive, conceptual
Question Type
Ability to add multiple question types - Fill in the blanks, Match the following, choose the righty option, multiple selection etc
Attribute Based analytics
Our algorithm combines the attributes with exam performance variables like accuracy, time spent, exam fatigue etc to give rich insights
Post Test Analytics - Diagnostic Report
Actionable insights from Cross-tabbing, based on the performance diagnosed in the test and precise areas of improvement identified
Screen Behaviour
Candidate Behaviour on screen while answering questions can be identified for deeper insights, time spent on question (screen), to & from movement over question
Instant Result computation
Instant Results with drill down options enables quick devision making . Descriptive reports with actionable insights
- Rich, informative and userful compilation of most important metrics of the school
- Student Count - Reconciliation, daily admissions, TC and Net Increase in student strength in School
- Operational Key data - Teacher's On Leave, Upcoming Exams & ECA Activity & Daily Student Attendance %
- Key daily performance parameters like Enquiries, lead Generation, Registration & Admissions
- Fee Defaulter summary for all quarters/months - Complete Unpaid Invoice summary with deep drill-down feature on a single click, Fees Concession summary with quick access to details
- Quick Access to Notices posted in school, Pics of events in the school and quick links to key MIS reports that can be customized as per the user
Pre-admission Module
Allows schools to accept online and offline admission registration Requests with the facility to receive admission from charges both online and offline. Allows school to manage and coordinate the applicants to be scheduled for interview/admission tests with integrated communications platform.
Admit Card ID Module
Allows applicants to be issued ID card that can be printed and used for school access and identification at the entrance for Entrance Test/Interview conducted by the school for various classes.
Enquiry & Prospectus Module
Allows applicants to purchase offline & online admissions prospectus & be issued receipt
Automated Workflow for Admissions
Fully automated workflow for handling complete admissions process regardless of the volume. Online and offline application can processed and fees collected online with separate module for sale of prospectus. admission process integrated with the Entrance Exams & Admit cards, communication including assigning of class, section & fees plan and issuing receipt at Pre-admissions stage
Admission Test Result Publication
A comprehensive module that allows school to manage result publication Online. Post Exam parents are informed of exam publication which they access through a given link after authenticating themselves through OPT on their registered mobiles
Admission Completion of successful candidates
The successful students applying through Online and offline can be moved seamlessly into the academic sessions with convenience of assigning suitable Fees Plans.
SchoolBellQ* is a 100% unit of K One Ventures LLP - A Technology Services Start-Up Recognised by Government of India
Teacher Management
Teacher’s Data
Gives instant access to all teacher’s details including Date of Joining, Retirement, Qualifications & allows to manage timetable
Teacher leave management
Teachers can apply leaves which get directly into the time table indicating the affected classes.
Automation of time-table
Time table once created becomes Auto replicating takes care of absenteeism
Time table scheduling for absent teacher
Teachers can manage get directly into the time table indicating the affected classes.
Superior Time-Table Features
Micro-scheduling in time table with the chapter & description of content planned to be covered
Scheduling & Work Distribution among teachers for efficient work load distribution
Teacher substitution at the last moment due to unplanned teacher absence owing to some exigency at teacher's end
Combining' Class Feature (combine class to make up for a teacher shortage/Leave)
Optional Subjects based time-table ensuring students see only the relevant optional subjects chosen by them
Reports based on Teacher Workload distribution
Exam timetable features
Optional Subjects based EXAM time-table ensuring students see only the relevant optional subjects chosen by them in the Exam Date sheet
Syllabus Management
A thoughtfully designed module that helps school teachers plan and complete their syllabus for each class while management has access to their progress to review, evaluate & rate them.
Teacher performance Analysis
Teacher Performance Appraisal, Multiple self-evaluation forms, Multi-layered Supervisory evaluation, Weightage based consolidation of results, Class Room Observation Form based evaluation, Easy to establish a correlation between Teacher's efforts vs. Results (Linking to chapters taught vs. Academic performance)
Teacher's Self Appraisal
Teachers can apply leaves which get directly into the time table indicating the affected classes.
Teacher's Appraisal thru domain experts, supervisors
CRO - Scientifically Designed CRO captures the vital input
Consolidation of Reviews, appraisals
Calculating score based on weights assigned to self , supervisor, reviewer appraisal along with discretionary scores with Principal. The weights can be assigned to multi-period reviews held at custom frequency
Objective Inputs from Academics performance
The analytics of the marks secured by the students for the subjects attributable to specific teachers forms a strong and objective basis of a rating systems
Custom design of periodivity, frequency of appraisals
Ability of school to customise all the variable options like questions, format, frequency of the appraisal and weight the components makes the system extremely adaptive besides being flexible and practicable
SchoolBellQ* is a 100% unit of K One Ventures LLP - A Technology Services Start-Up Recognised by Government of India
School Management
ID Card Module
Allows Newly admitted students an interim ID card that can be printed and used for school access and identification till such time the permanent ID card is available.
Transfer Certificate
The Transfer Certificate as prescribed by CBSE in its 23 points are available at a single click for printing in school letter head as all the data gets populated from the existing database.
Bonafide Certificate
Bonafide & Character certificate with all the fields filled are just a click away without the letter head's requirement

Employee App* for HR Management
A world class app* with daily attendance logs, history, leave balance, 'leave apply' feature, pay slip and employee notifications and gallery
GPS based Attendance of employees
An Opt-in feature where the employee attendance is based on the GPS coordinates captured in the app. Allows employee to mark self-attendance upon reaching the work premises. Allows authorized fetching of GPS location during work hours
Survey Management
Schools can customize the content of the survey to get feedback from parents. The survey result can be published on app/website on school’s discretion.
Authentic Selfie based Face Detection feature with GPS
A face detection feature with built-in feature to take selfie when the employee marks the attendance to avoid fraudulent entries by the way of proxy. GPS tagging of employee with desired accuracy
Library Management
Comprehensive Library management module with intuitive and easy to use UI with no limit on the fields & books to be uploaded along with auto-FINE calculation and integration with main fees.
Incident Management
A reporting tool for school authorities to record, report and intimate authorities of all incidents taking place in the college or outside involving students
Feedback Management
An online interface that allows parents/visitors visiting campus to submit quick feedback that flows to management through emails and excel reports. SMS integrated to Welcome Visitors
HR Module
full-fledged HR. module to manage attendance, Manage leave records & communication of School Staff & teachers
Automated Leave Workflow
Employees can apply leave effortlessly leaves though app & Reporting Managers can approve it by clicking the 'approve' link on the SMS. 'Applied' & 'Approved' Notifications automatically flow to respective employees and updates the leave balance dynamically
Attendance Management
Biometric or RFID or App Based GPS enabled Attendance management module with 100% integration with Payroll & Leave Module
Automated Reports on Attendance
Auto-computation of 'Payable days' with adjustment for 'approved leaves' & calculation of Over-time and short leave is automated in easy to read summary reports. Built-in feature to accumulate 'Late coming' and aggregate them for CL deduction ( Eg. 1 late coming= 0.25* CL)
Payroll Management
A comprehensive payroll management module integrated with the attendance module & hardware; allows pay slips and payrolls to be generated. Advance features for PF, ESIC, Loan Advance related deductions
SchoolBellQ* is a 100% unit of K One Ventures LLP - A Technology Services Start-Up Recognised by Government of India
Principal’s OR Admin Dash Board
Single point access to all major information of the school like Class wise strength along with attendance %, total students’ strength and change over the previous count, total teacher’s strength, teachers on leave ,total fee collection for the day
Student Management
Entire Student Data available in a class wise format along with student pic, details of Transfer, Character and Bonafide Certificate can be generated instantly
School can send notification to the parents on regular, important and urgent basis.
Superior Homework Module
Easy, Intuitive, and Richer homework tab with subject wise chapter wise selection features along with submit by date filters and sorting features
Ability to close loop the feedback on the homework by updating of homework submission status in an efficient quick manner
Superior Homework Module II
Easily Identifiable color codes to distinguish between the various homework status to allow parents to focus on the pending or late submission in homework
Teacher wise homework assigned analysis in Reports
Interactive Extra Curricular Module
Extra Curricular activity Module has a feature that lets parent see the list of activities scheduled ECA can be assigned at a class & section level also allowing them the ability to nominate their ward to any event
Birthday Notifications
Automatic customized, addressed by their names Birthday & anniversary messages to Students & Teachers respectively
With about over 100 reports Our Reports module & reporting system is a treasure trove of information with various descriptive and analytical reports providing incisive and actionable insights to the school management. The reports cover entire spectrum from academics to administrative aspects. User specific reports are also available for customization
Student All Round Report
Going beyond academics, this report captures the overall personality of a student by including Extra curricular activity participation and other co-scholastic areas like sports and subjective assessment report from class teachers
Report card
Get Ready to Print files for Report Card - automatically for CBSE or any other board as per your requirements
Ability to take YOUR 'Detailed Report Card' online through our technically superior Coding team to deliver automated Report cards as per CBSE specifications
Result analysis (in-depth)
Comprehensive reports through Smart Reports* that gives a very detailed, incisive and thorough analysis
Subject wise & Exam wise meticulous analysis of academic performance with cross section analysis (comparison of student's marks with Median score, Mean marks and highest marks in the class) in vivid, easy to comprehend graphical displays
Trend analysis of Marks and Rank to establish unimpeachable Relative performance of the students in each subject across exams
PTM Dashboard Module
A comprehensive presentation and display of child’s All-Round performance including academics with elaborate and vivid graphs for quick understanding of relative child performance. Also, allows a peek into student’s extra curricular, sports participation supplemented with personalized evaluation from respective class teacher.
SchoolBellQ* is a 100% unit of K One Ventures LLP - A Technology Services Start-Up Recognised by Government of India
Fee Dashboard
Fee related information like Daily collections, Fee Due list, Concessions, Scholarships, discount etc. accessed in a single click on an intuitive dashboard. Micro-detailing available in deep drill down in sequential clicks
Fee Management
Schools can customize fee components, frequency & plans
Tally Compliant & Integrated
All our Fee modules can be integrated with the accounting software 'Tally" through XML files generated by our system
Fee Notifications
Customized Fee notifications sent to parents with details like child name, fee amount, admission number, due date - can be sent AFTER of BEFORE DUE Date
Multitude of reports for internal requirement and external statutory compliance are readily available
Reporting & MIS
Multitude of Reports like student-wise, Route-wise, Bus-wise or Bus Related details or charging summary for the route assigned can be extracted to
  • Online Fee integration with school account
  • Regular reconciliation report for fee payment
  • Customized fee notification
  • Tally integration
Inventory Management
Allows school to receive Uniform, Books etc. as Inventory item and issue them & receive payments
Creation of multiple item type and define individual stock level. Critical feature like Inventory valuation at different price points for the same item
Features like Re-ordering level and minimum balance concepts already built in to facilitate
Fully functional Reporting module with multitude of reports , item-wise & Dept wise consumption, Stock arrival, Rejected items report etc
Report card
A holistic transport management module encompassing Bus, Fleet, Route and corresponding fees linked to the students
Bus Management
Complete details if the Bus including Driver details, Photo, contact details ad GPS Id etc with assigned route to ply
Route Planning
Bus Routes can be composed by assigning multiple stops. Same bus stop can be present in multiple routes incase of overload. Routes can be planned for the stops in any manner to allow traffic flow. Route staff like driver, helper & Guard can be allocated
Route Stop Management
Bus stops with the GPS location with precise lat-long and distances can be defined on the route and financial charges be assigned
Route & Stop Allocation with financial linking
The routes and stops are assigned to students based on the stops and timing and fee charged based on pick-up and drop separately allowing more flexibility. The route assignments here is linked with the Main Fee plan and is automatically invoiced

Parents Support
Parents will get 24X7 support in terms of password requests through school, mails or through our support links
App Issues & Other support
Online Fee Payment related queries for the parents facing issues in Online payment like payment not reflecting or other failures

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