Smart Parents

Smart Action

  • Pay school Fees from the convenience of your home through Credit/debit card.
  • Nominate your child for Extra Curricular activity through app.
  • Get yourself heard; Participate in school Surveys from app/website.
  • Choose your bus-boarding location.
  • Choose the proximity distance points for Bus alerts.

Smart Analysis

  • Performance trend across exams (Graphical display across timeline).
  • Performance comparison with Peers – Median, average, percentile (cross section).
  • Performance Correlation with attendance, homework & Teacher.
  • All-Round development Report of children- Extracurricular & Sports activity participation.

Smart Academics

  • Syllabus Planning with Exam weight distribution
  • Homework allocation & planning completion.
  • Tracking homework with customized teacher feedback & Updates.
  • All Study Material organized in a downloadable format – virtual digital library

Smart Information

  • Smart Timetable* - advanced info on upcoming chapters in each class.
  • Smart Notifications across mail, app, voice and text for all.
  • Least Lead-time with Instantaneous access to Exam schedule.
  • Marksheet in smart graphics.

Smart Logistics

  • Get Bus arrival Notifications real-time.
  • Get class attendance Notifications on real-time
  • Get Entrance & Exit notifications real-time.
  • Emergency notifications on call & text.

Smart Communications

  • Notifications on Real-time.
  • Notifications across activity from academics to sports.
  • Notifications of Grooming Report.
  • Attendance & Homework submission report - monthly.