• A comprehensive payroll management module integrated with the attendance module & hardware; allows pay slips and payroll to be generated.
  • Advance features for PF, ESIC, Loan Advance related deductions
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Inventory Management

Re-odering level triggers

  • Allows school to receive Uniform, Books etc. as Inventory item and issue them & receive payments
  • Creation of multiple item type and define individual stock level. Critical feature like Inventory valuation at different price points for the same item
  • Features like Re-ordering level and minimum balance concepts already built in to facilitate
  • Fully functional Reporting module with multitude of reports , item-wise & Dept wise consumption, Stock arrival, Rejected items report etc

Surveys & Feedback

Creating Surveys And Polls

Surveys and polls are created time to time to acknowledge the opinion of parents, staff and students.

Publishing Survey Report

Survey reports and polls are published time to time and based on the surveys created. Surveys are also created for outside audience and their views are taken into account.

Feedback Forms

Parents are handed over feedback forms to put forth their views on the academic flow of the school and progress of their student. Ratings are provided on the feedbacks. A frequency of publishing feedback forms is also set.

Managing feedback list

Feedback list is managed to check for any helpful information or criticism and take prior action according to it.


Happiness Help Desk

(Module to resolve parents issues & grieveances)

1. Happiness Help Desk Team and Portal is always available to solve any of parent queries and grievances on an immediate basis.

2. Parents will be able to post their grievances and the concerned team would directly monitor the support requirements.

3. Every parent concern and issue, reaches directly to the management

4. A dedicated Happiness Help Desk Executive is assigned for a particular parent.

5. Parents can avail Booking-Based interaction with teachers, admins and co-ordinators round the year

6.TAT report provides information if the raised query is resolved within the defined TAT or not. You can generate a report based on how much time was taken to resolve a particular query raised and analyze the time taken for resolving a query raised and number of queries resolved in a stipulated time.

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Equipment Management

Listing Vendor and Equipment

Detailed list of equipments and vendors are available to track with the concerned person's name and phone number.

Tracking of Equipments

Equipments and items can be tracked according to their vendor name, location of equipment and type of equipment.

Updating Equipment List

New equipments can also be added to the list by entering their no. of quantity, amount, serial number and model etc.

Data Uploading

Data can also be uploaded from excel sheet to the list.


Recruitment Management

Detection of Vacancies

Our algorithms based on key drivers of vacancies for each level and profile is capable of giving the vacancie sto be filled. In addition to the logic based vacancies, our system allows to create vacancies manually also. Manual vacancies may be required in case of expansion or addition of new departments which are currently not reflected in the drivers used in algorithm.

Receiving Candidate Applications

System allows uploading of CVs directly. Additionally candidates can be invited to fillup an application form on the website.


2 way - AI Based Candidate and Job- Matching

Our AI enabled engine is able to assign scored for key skills of each profile against the CVs or the applications uploaded in the system. This scoring from AI matches help prioritizing the candidates for the further recruitment process. Our recruitment process allows multiple round of interviews. It also imparts capability of online assessments and subsequent analytics for the new applicant evaluation.

When a vacancy is evaluated AI throws up all possible candidate profiles matching the job profile based on the key skill scores. Vice-versa, when a candidate is considered AI is able to throw up various job profiles that may be relevant to the given candidate.

Function and Operations

Ability to create experts for the purpose of conducting interviews. Numerous experts can be combined to form an interview panel. Experts are also assigned key expertise area they are capable of evaluating.

Fully Integrated Interviewing System

1. Forming a panel for interview

2. Accepting applictaions for interview

3. Scheduling iterviews

4. Interface of the experts is vastly different from the interviewee.

5. Questions and answers related to the skills to be assessed for the interview.


Global Question Bank

1. Visible to the interviewer

2. Subject based relevant questions for each skill areas.

3. Customization capacity by the interviewer.

4. Including custom personal quetsions relevant to the candidate can also be tagged so that interviewer can be cued during the interview.

5. The correct answers are also displayed for reference in the interviewer's screen.

Interviewer UI

1. Rich and functional features available on interviewer UI

2. Candidates linked in profile, CV and job description are always readily visible while the interview is going on.

3. Interviewer can rate the skill of the candidate including text comments.

4. All the individual key skill ratings are aggregated to a final score of the interviewer.

5. In case of a panel interview the final score of each expert can be further aggregated to arrive at a final score.


Post Interview

  • After the completion of the interview the candidate can login to the portal.
  • Documents such as Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Aggrement can be downloaded and also uploaded.

HR Attendance

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Consolidation of Reviews, appraisals

Calculating score based on weights assigned to self , supervisor, reviewer appraisal along with discretionary scores with Principal. The weights can be assigned to multi-period reviews held at custom frequency

Objective Inputs from Academics performance

The analytics of the marks secured by the students for the subjects attributable to specific teachers forms a strong and objective basis of a rating systems

Custom design and frequency of appraisals

Ability of school to customise all the variable options like questions, format, frequency of the appraisal and weight the components makes the system extremely adaptive besides being flexible and practicable