Unique Service Model



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Online Tests for Students

Online Testing

  • Seamless, intuitive & easy-to-use platform for creating and administering timed weekly class tests.
  • Provides support for the various modes of testing MCQs,descriptive & reading comprehension.

Evaluation & Grading

  • Immediate evalution based on pre-fed 'correct' answers along with features like screen-time & concept knowledge-level analysis.
  • Tests reinforce & consolidate weekly learnings & induce higher engagement from students towards the subject matter.

Online Video Streaming


Advantages over Zoom/Microsoft Team /Google Meet

  • Putting India first & foremost-We are a 100% Indian Startup with no equality from outside .We hope the patriot in you accords us the higher preference as your partner

Operational Superiority of customization over Big players :

  • No Meeting Links or passwords required for each meeting
  • Integrated with class time table can be accessed through student app
  • No limits - Unlimited hours, unlimited student including the screen time
  • Automatic attendance recoder for each student including the screen time
  • Auto Recording of the class session is possible (Drop Box)

Administrative Control of the class with Teacher

  • Administrative control (schedule flexibility,screen share ,sharing/chatting) during call, teacher Starts and terminates the class.
  • Teacher decides whether to allow video from the students or not saving bandwidth.
  • Default setting are set to mute for all students.
  • Online sharing of study material.
  • Online chat controls with teacher during the class.
  • Students can raise their hands during the class to get their attention.

Homework Close- looping

Close looping Homework

  • Initiating Loop 1: School assigns, uploads homework on our platform with submission date
  • Closing Loop 2: Student downloads the homework, completes it, submits it by uploading it through App
  • The teachers can access files submitted and uploaded by the students. Teachers can use our inbuilt tools to evaluate the homework without the hassle of downloading and re-uploading the file.
  • Students can view the evaluated contents and the scores & grading of the homework done by the teacher

Online Classes on Our apps facilitated through our Platform

  • Easy Scheduling and Credential dissemination on our app through our platform.
  • Syllabus Planning, Agenda of the upcoming classes shared through timetable & lesson planning Study Material for the recent classes shared post classes
  • Classes Conferencing built-in within our app – No need to send reminders & Meeting links to parents.

Parents Connectivity

Constant Connect

  • SMS, Email, App Notifications
  • WhatsApp Integration – Coming soon

Circulars Publication

  • Instant communication through a designated module in our app with an intuitive GUI
  • Individual Circulars for specific students publishing feature
  • Report cards shared through circular feature to individual student

Fee Payments

New Admissions

Fee Invoice customized for COVID times

  • Fee invoices broken down component wise to allow low ticket size payment Instant receipts, Online payment through CC, debit card, Net Banking, UPI, Wallets & NACH.

Lowest cost of transaction and multiple payment instruments

  • This covers most of the instruments on the online spectrum and offers extremely competitive transaction costs avoiding burden on parents

Quick, Effective Customized Communication

  • Quick communication through automated invoice mails to parents & customized fees notifications, with the ability to pay without logging in. Flexibility for concessions, late payment fine.

Easy Payment/collection option

  • Customized fee reminders flexibility in concessions and convenience to send links for payment without logging in.

Lead generation combined with social media marketing & closing the lead with admissions

  • To maximize the admissions social media is used as a tool to generateadmission leads.
  • Complete automation and distribution of leads generated the best performing counsellors.
  • Complete CRM with the follow up and reminders to internal team to get admissions

Pre-Admission Process with Online Entrance Tests, Counselling & payments

  • Complete online process of pre-admissions including counselling online entrance test and online fee payment.
  • Integrated stage wise communications to the parent with specific notifications at each stage.
  • Easy Payment/collection option Customized fee reminders flexibility in concessions and convenience to send links for payment without logging in.