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Collect Fees With Ease

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1Make Your Fee Demand Available on ALL APPS
2Accept Payment Through ANY MODE
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Make your Fee demand available on ALL APPS
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Empower parents with the choice of payment instruments
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Empower parents to pay fees at low flat rates
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*GST extra
For Fees upto 10K @ Rs.29
25K @ Rs.39, 50K @ Rs.49

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Superior Homework Module

  • Easy, Intuitive, and Richer homework tab with subject wise chapter wise selection features along with submit by date filters and sorting features
  • Ability to close loop the feedback on the homework by updating of homework submission status in an efficient quick manner

Superior Homework Module II

  • Easily Identifiable color codes to distinguish between the various homework status to allow parents to focus on the pending or late submission in homework
  • Teacher wise homework assigned analysis in Reports

ECA & Homework & Reports

Interactive Extra Curricular Module

  • Extra Curricular activity Module has a feature that lets parent see the list of activities scheduled
  • ECA can be assigned at a class & section level also allowing them the ability to nominate their ward to any event

Birthday Notifications

Automatic customized, addressed by their names Birthday & anniversary messages to Students & Teachers respectively


Bookstore Management

Utility Management: Book Store & Uniform store

  • (Module to facilitate the selling of school materials online to the Parents)
  • Multiple Relevant books & stationery sets with various subject combinations for each class can be created and offered for sale to parents online.
  • Defining composition of packages and mapping to classes.
  • Every book set is assigned relevant subject textbooks, materials & notebooks.
  • It allows parents to order books from their homes and pay for them online.

School custom app

  • We have developed a unique ability to make customised apps in your school's name, flaunting your name and boosting the school's brand.
  • The school can choose the name and logo, and our team will launch the same in the App Store and the Google playstore.
  • We will further back it up with complete branding support of the school's custom website for the app in their URL and the comprehensive back-end customer support for a password resolution.


Content Management System

  • This new module under development will be likely a game-changer for schools and help them genuinely control the delivery of its academics in the classroom.
  • It standardises the complete pedagogy and ensures the best practices are adhered to as laid out in the delivery modules.

Smart SMS


  • The school can send out messages to parents on a regular, important, or urgent basis.


  • With more than 100 reports, our reporting system and module are a wealth of information, offering a range of descriptive and analytical reports that provide actionable insights for school management.
  • These reports cover everything from academics to administration. Customizable user-specific reports are also available.

Student Teacher Chat:

(Module to Replace Traditional diary for effective communication between Parent & School)

1. The one to one chat faclititaes faster & effective communication.

2. Instantaneous notifications to teachers and parents when chat is received.

3. Enabled on App and web login platform.

4. Allows users to attach any kind of attachments with cjat right from JPG to PDF to Excel to Microsoft's office files.


Online Auditorium


Unrestricted Access to Virtual Auditorium

  • With our partnership with Zoom, schools can utilize our Virtual Auditorium for hosting events and webinars with up to 500 participants, with no time bar on the duration of the event.

Addition of External Participants

  • In addition to school staff and students, our system also allows the addition of external participants such as school alumni or PTA members.

Convenient Invitation Process

  • Participants receive an automated invitation with a joining link at the start of the event, and the system records the attendance of each user for administrative purposes.

Inter-School Competitions

  • Our platform facilitates large-scale inter-school competitions by allowing the addition of multiple participants from different schools.

Zero-Code Report Cards

Empowering Teachers

  • With our new drag-and-drop feature, teachers can easily design the perfect report card without needing any assistance from IT developers.
  • This innovative tool allows for effortless iterations until the teacher arrives at the perfect report card design.

Designed by Teachers, for Teachers

  • Our Zero-Code Report Cards put the power in the hands of teachers, allowing them to create the report card they want with ease.
  • No more waiting for developers or struggling with complicated software – just simple, intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Extra-Curricular Activity

Nomination of Child for ECA:

  • Our platform empowers parents to not only view a list of Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) offered by the school, but also nominate their child for participation.
  • However, please note that the school reserves the right to accept or reject the nomination.

Viewing Activity Report:

  • Parents can view their child's ECA report, including their performance and participation in the activity.
  • They can also attend the event as an audience to encourage and support their child.

Determining Activity Type:

  • The activities are categorized as either compulsory or optional.
  • Students are required to participate in the mandatory activities, while they have the choice to participate in the optional ones.

Homework Evaluation

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Homework Assignment

  • Teachers can easily assign homework to their students based on class, section, and subject.
  • The homework can include a submission deadline for completion.

Homework Submission

  • Students can submit their homework by uploading a picture or document file (Word/PDF) that can be easily reviewed by the teacher.

Teacher Feedback

  • Teachers can provide feedback on the submitted homework, including whether the homework is complete or incomplete, and whether it was submitted on time or late.
  • This feedback is visible to the student, allowing them to track their progress and identify areas where they can improve.

Report Cards


Student All Round Report

  • Going beyond academics, this report captures the overall personality of a student by including Extra curricular activity participation and other co-scholastic areas like sports and subjective assessment report from class teachers

Report card

  • Get Ready to Print files for Report Card - automatically for CBSE or any other board as per your requirements
  • Ability to take YOUR 'Detailed Report Card' online through our technically superior Coding team to deliver automated Report cards as per CBSE specifications.

Performance Report

Result analysis (in-depth)

  • Comprehensive reports through Smart Reports* that gives a very detailed, incisive and thorough analysis
  • Subject wise & Exam wise meticulous analysis of academic performance with cross section analysis (comparison of student's marks with Median score, Mean marks and highest marks in the class) in vivid, easy to comprehend graphical displays
  • Trend analysis of Marks and Rank to establish unimpeachable Relative performance of the students in each subject across exams

PTM Dashboard Module

A comprehensive presentation and display of child’s All-Round performance including academics with elaborate and vivid graphs for quick understanding of relative child performance. Also, allows a peek into student’s extra curricular, sports participation supplemented with personalized evaluation from respective class teacher.


Voice Messages to parents


Let Your Voice Be Heard

This feature empowers school to share a precorded voice message with the parents and other audience like teachers on the app.

Online tests support

Question Bank Management System

  • The Question Bank Management System allows for efficient management of questions according to subjects and chapters.
  • Questions can be composed and stored in the question bank for future use. They can be uploaded in word or pdf format for easy access and retrieval.

Configuring Exams

  • The Question Bank Management System also allows for easy configuration of exams. Teachers can select questions from the question bank and create question sets for the exams.
  • They can even add new questions to the question set.
  • Marks and time limits can be assigned to each question for better exam management.

Fixed and Randomized Exams

  • The Fixed exam comprises of questions which are pre-set and appear in the same order for all students.
  • In contrast, Randomized exams have a shuffled question order for each student, which makes it difficult for them to cheat.

AI-based Proctored Exams

  • Our AI-enabled Proctoring system tracks students' movements during the exam and prevents them from cheating.
  • The proctoring results can be downloaded in a PDF format at the end of the exam.

Auto-Generation of Results

  • Our platform automatically generates results in both PDF and Excel formats.
  • Individual scores can be accessed by teachers and students alike.

AI-based proctoring


Challenges of Manual Exam Proctor

The process of Manual Exam proctoring beyond 10 students becomes challenging due to the limited bandwidth of any single human engaged in the exercise. Our AI-based proctoring can allow 1000s of simultaneous test-takers to be monitored and issue alerts for violations.

Benifits of AI proctor

Our AI engine verifies the user's face and detects movements or sounds in the exam window. It also detects if multiple tabs are opened during the exam

Instant Proctor Result

After the end of the exam, the proctor results can be downloaded in pdf format. Proctor also records the visuals of the candidate while appearing the exam.

Randomized Question Paper

Unique Question Paper

While creating randomized question sets manually for up to 4 sets of question papers have been done before, but what if we tell you that our system lets you give all 40 students in the class a unique question paper.

Shuffling Questions order

All the 40 sets confirming to the exact same criteria and standards that you choose. The question order shuffles everytime you refresh the page.


Question & Answer formats


Supported Test Formats

Our systems allow users to overcome all limitations of the usual Online Test platforms. They can set Questions beyond MCQs, the question that requires written descriptive response, Special Character support (questions with special Scientific or Math symbols, Questions formats of 'Match the following' or 'Fill in the blank' etc

MCQ Question Format

MCQ question format allows to add more than 2 options for ecah question. The correct answer is mentioned along with the question.

Short Question Format

Short questions such as fill in the blanks, match the following have their respective answers tagged along with them. After the exam the correct answer is displayed at the side of the answer given.

Descriptive Question Format

The answers to the long questions are set with marks and time limit for each question.

Uploading Question

Option to upload a question image is also available.

Custom Fees Notification

Personalized Notifications

Our system delivers personalized fees notifications that give a significantly better impact on payments.

Bulk Sms

The bulk notifications are personally marked with name, invoice number, student name, amount.

Payment Link

Every Parent gets a personalized payment link enabling payment in a single click in mail or SMS.


Online Class in Zoom


Scheduling Class

The classes on a daily basis are scheduled according to the time table. Zoom link is created for students. No student can attend the class without the link.

Attendance and Recording

Class wise attendance is maintained by the teachers and recordings of each class is available for download.

Restricted Entry

Entry is restricted for students without the link. Students entered late are moved to waiting room from where only the teacher can give them access. Principal or admin can go incognito in any class to inspect any online class

Teacher Log off vs Network Outage

When a teacher logs off, students are disconnected automatically from the class. In case of network outage, the students are moved to waiting room to avoid further chatting.

Supports Large Audience

Parents can attend the zoom class to see the real time activity of the child.

Capture for Online classes

In - Person Attendance

  • A student can mark himself present in the class by capturing his image in the app. The image will be saved along with the gps of the student present.
  • This is a mesh-network based capturing based on proximity detection

Online Attendance

  • A student can mark his/her in the online class by entering and marking himself present in the online class.
  • A prompt message pops up to check the attendance of the student.

Period-wise attendance

  • Period Wise attendance marks the presence of a student every period in a day. The teacher can mark the attendance if the class happens online or offline.
  • The attendance can be marked as present, absent and partially present period wise.


Step - 1


Step - 2

Staff Face-recognition


Like students, the staff can also mark their attendance through the app. It will be stored along with the gps. The details of the staff stored individually, so every time a staff marks his/her attendance, it reflects on their profile. We can replace virtual machines for marking attendance.

Students Face-recognition

A student can mark his/her attendance through face recognition. A student's face is recognised by the sensor as he faces the app on mobile or tab in school entrane or class. The parents and teachers can track the entry and exit of the child. Very easy to use user interfaces with high accuracy at lightening fast speed renders it to the usage in classes.


Student Annual Report

  • Get Ready to Print files for Report Card - automatically for CBSE or any other board as per your requirments.
  • Ability to take YOUR 'Detailed Report Card' online through our technically superior Coding team to deliver automated Report cards as per CBSE specification.
  • Ability to configure your own custom report cards.
  • Ability to make the report card available on platforms like webview , email and physically printable formats.

Choice of Payment Gateways


Choice of payment instruments are available to the parents

For payment of fees, a parent can pay the payment by different modes. The modes provided are Debit cards, Credit Cards, UPI, Wallets as well Net Banking. Different payment gateways are also available for convinient use of parents.

IoT, GPS, RFID cards

Working of Devices

An intellgent web of things that helps communicate between various devices. Our IOT experties include working with RFID cards along spectrum and integrating the inputs along various software applications.

Tracking Child's Movement

Our capabilities to integrate GPS devices on the buses and the RFID scanners on the buses also enables us to help parents update his child's pick up and drop location.

IOT with Machines

Through the world of APIs to the world of hard microprocessors we are able to integrate a lot of devices including intelligent billing systems on prepaid or postpid platforms. For the purpose of illustration we have integrated IOT between washing machine, circuit breaker end user app that enables us to regulate user washing machines based on the usage and the subsequent charging. And all that hapens in a keyless mannner through our apps, microprocessors, api's and IOT's.