The following terms and conditions apply to the users of SchoolBellQ* services across all of its platforms including mobile app & website platform, emails & SMS.

This site is NOT open to general public and is available to a captive segment connected through a ‘Partner or Participating School’. The user must be associated with the ‘Partner School’ that has partnered with SchoolBellQ* for a seamless transmission of information between school and the relevant parents.

The usage sage of SchoolBellQ* platforms is governed by the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement between the Partner School and SchoolBellQ*, a unit of K One Venture LLP. The users are requested to contact their schools for specific terms and detailed conditions agreed between partner school and SchoolBellQ* governing the terms & conditions of usage.

However, some of the general terms and conditions that are applicable to broad segment of schools are reproduced below from the agreement between partner school & SchoolBellQ* for the convenience of the users. This list of terms & conditions is no way exhaustive, to get the complete list of terms & conditions, please contact your school that has partnered with SchoolBellQ* for its services.

Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Liability related clauses & conditions on Access to information uploaded, Fees & use of information collected:

  1. Accuracy of information: Although due care is taken and adequate diligence is exercised while sending information on matters including but not limited to student attendance, homework, exam schedule, exam marks, notifications, timetable, Extra Curricular activity etc. on our platforms, we cannot guarantee its accuracy as SchoolBellQ* is only a transmitting agent of information sourced from schools to parents.
  2. Liability arising out of delay or non-delivery of information or messages: SchoolBellQ* uses variety of third party services of high standards like emails, SMS services, website and app notifications etc. The transmission on these platforms depends on various factors like local network data speeds, coverage strength, server load etc. which may sometime cause delay due to reasons beyond SchoolBellQ*’s control. SchoolBellQ* is liable for any damages arising out of delay or non-delivery of communication content sent over its platforms.
  3. Liability arising out of delay or non-delivery of information or messages from Hardware/Machines: While due care is taken to routinely check the machines including but not limited to, RFID Scanner, RFID cards & GPS devices, these are machines that can develop technical glitches or snags due to regular wear & tear, mishandling or accidents leading to interruption, delay or malfunctioning consequently impacting functionality of delivering messages and information to parents and across platforms. SchoolBellQ* cannot be held liable to cover any damages arising out of these hardware issues.
  4. Liability arising out of posting of copyrighted material: SchoolBellQ* allows the Partner school to upload educational content including but not limited to study-material, diagrams, pictures, audio & video clipping, homework etc.; SchoolBellQ* will not be responsible for any license violation or copyright infringement arising out of upload through partner schools.
  5. DND issues: SchoolBellQ* will not be responsible for any liability arising out complaints from school parents for violating DND norms for delivering the SMS sent using SchoolBellQ* platforms as these messages are purely transactional and are sent at school’s behest.
  6. Upon agreeing to these terms & conditions or by simply starting to use the SchoolBellQ* services, you imply your consent to agree to its terms and conditions of usage as stipulated in the agreement between partner school and SchoolBellQ*
  7. The users also agree that SchoolBellQ*will have right to send emails and text messages to Parents and teachers on all the relevant matters and subjects that SchoolBellQ* deems fit.
  8. Privacy Policy: The usage of data/information collected through our platforms will be used for internal research & training purposes. This data will not be shared with any outside party without the consent of the relevant parents/parties. Any change in the privacy policy would be uploaded here first.
  9. Promotional Content: SchoolBellQ* reserves the right to display any targeted communication on its platforms (app, website & e-mailers) that it considers relevant to the target audience.
  10. Fees Collection charges: SchoolBellQ* would levy appropriate charges to cover its costs including but not limited to, the payment gateway charges levied by bank for online payment transactions of Credit/Debit cards, UPI, Internet Banking or any-other digital payment mode. These charges will be borne by payer/parents unless the school expressly agrees to absorb these charges from its share of fees. Currently these charges are about 1.75% of the Fees in most cases and do not exceed 2% in any case. These charges will be transparently displayed to the users before completing the transactions on our Online Payment across all platforms.
  11. You are solely and entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your Account, Display Name and password and for restricting access to your mobile device & website while logged in.